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This is a template. Please fill in the details.

<Provide a one-paragraph abstract of the asset here>

Authors <insert>
Website <insert>
License <insert>
Screenshot <insert>


<provide a more detailed description than the abstract. 2-4 paragraphs>


  • <list features>

Conformance to RobMoSys

  • <Describe in which aspect the asset is conformant to RobMoSys. For example, describe to which of the composition structures your asset is conformant and on what level. Please refer to conformance to read more about how to describe conformance.>

Relation to other RobMoSys assets

  • <List other assets of RobMoSys and describe the relation. E.g. interoperability among tools>

Further Resources

  • <provide links to documents, downloads, …>
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