YARP-RobMoSys Mixed-Port Components

A set of software components for interoperability between YARP and SmartSoft as developed by the CARVE ITP.

Authors Alberto Cardellino, Michele Colledanchise, Lorenzo Natale (CARVE ITP)
License BSD-2Clause


This package contains software components for execution of Behavior Trees in SmartSoft, as well as components and messages for YARP-SmartSoft integration. In particular:

  • Bridges: SmartSoft components aimed to work as specialized bridges between pure YARP executable and pure SmartSoft components. They translate a message from a framework to the other one, by following proper communication patterns on each side.
  • BehaviorTrees: This folder contains a SmartSoft message defining the tick semantic and two SmartSoft components. The first component runs the behaviour trees and send the tick messages using the query pattern. The second component, the TickManager receives the tick requests from the engine and dispatch them to the actual skills. This components acts also as a bridge in case the requested skill is implemented in a different framework.
  • Integration: This folder contains the software library based on YARP which reproduce the RobMoSys communication pattern and some examples.
  • Components and Systems: Contains the CARVE scenarios components and description as a RobMoSys System Architecture. This MDSD project contains an instantiation of all the SmartSoft components required to run the demo along with the component connections. In order to run the demo, the robot or the simulator is required along with some additional YARP modules.

Conformance to RobMoSys

  • This software package contains software tools that allow YARP integration within Smartsoft.
  • It has been developed with the RobMoSys-conformant SmartMDSD Toolchain.

Relation to other RobMoSys assets

  • Components are composable with SmartMDSD Toolchain components

Further Resources

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